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Brewerkz welcomes two plant-based plates to its brunch family from 17 July

At Brewerkz, you can now enjoy craft beer and plant-based meat at the same

table, leaving no man behind.

Brewerkz, to me, is synonymous with casual hangs where pints, burgers, and ample laughter is

never in shortage. With every delicious pairing of craft beer and brunch that you can imagine,

Brewerkz has now bumped up its offerings to include two plant-based plates, in partnership

with The Vegetarian Butcher, that’ll open your palate to new flavours to partner your favourite

craft beer.

There’s no need to skip out on meeting up with friends at Brewerkz even if you’re on a mission

to consume less meat, as The Vegetarian Butcher’s meat alternative products offer a seamless

transition and/or option for those who are still dabbling with a meat-free lifestyle or who have

already embraced a plant-based diet.

Chef Seow Tzi Qin, Brewerkz’s Group Executive Chef, brings his signature Asian-European flair to the recipes with his keen sense of adaptability. He’s worked his way through numerous kitchens serving varying cuisines from French (Le Saint Julien and Les Amis), Chinese (Tung

Lok Classics), and even Spanish (La Taperia).

The first, ‘ No Chicken’ Shaolin Bowl (S$21 at Indoor Stadium and Riverside Point outlets,

S$23 at Fullerton outlet) is a satiating portion of edamame, sesame pumpkin, quinoa, cherry

tomatoes, Asian vinaigrette, and ‘no chicken’ nuggets. Give everything a healthy toss to enjoy

the refreshing nuances of the vinaigrette, complete with protein-packed edamame and ‘no

chicken’ nuggets for an undeniably wholesome meal.

If you’re stumped about how best to pair Brewerkz’s best pints with these delectable dishes, be

mindful of complementary flavours, contrasting flavours, and the beer’s ability to work as a

palate cleanser. With that said, complement this with a light, zesty pint of Tanjong Rimau Yuzu

Nutmeg Witbier that’ll bring just the right amount of naughty and nice to the table.

If you’re adamant about nicking that burger craving, go ahead with the Classic ‘No Chicken’

Kiev Burger (S$25 at Indoor Stadium and Riverside Point outlets, S$26 at Fullerton outlet)

that puts a cheeky green spin on the classic Chicken Kiev with garlic parsley butter, herb

marinade, anchovy mayonnaise, and Waldorf salad. Prepare your senses to be excited by

lashings of salty and savoury goodness, embellished with crisp apples and celery.

A special burger like this deserves a special partner; sip on a Bukit Manis Jasmine Kölsch that

carries aromatic notes of jasmine and white grapes. It’s also a palate cleanser that aids in

cutting through the fat in the burger and garlic parsley butter as well as balances the weight of

umami of the anchovy mayonnaise.

With a menu that’s arriving just in time for the weekend wind-down, on 17 July 2021, this is a

great time to give Brewerkz’s latest plant-based menu offerings a shot. There’s also cause for

double joy as River Cruise Dining (in collaboration with Water B) and Brewerkz brand, Café

Iguana, have also launched plant-based dishes, such as Mexican Veggie Bowl and ‘No Chicken’ Superfoods Salad to add more variety to your meals. Do note that for Café Iguana, their plant-based offerings are only available for take-away and delivery.

So, take the leap and you never know; you might just discover your favourite new craft beer

companion in The Vegetarian Butcher.

*This post is brought to you in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher.


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