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Zouk At Jiak Kim Is Now A Restaurant, Take Bae For An Atas Date Instead Of Untz Untz At The Club

Jiak Kim House – Restaurant at the former Zouk

It’s a Friday night in 2010. You and your friends are dressed in flashy outfits heading over to your favourite club. After a quick stroll down Jiak Kim Street, you hear the newest dance hit, Flo Rida’s Club Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now, blasting from the doors while you stand in line to enter. The neon light above you, Zouk, lights up your faces.

Cut to today; you walk down the same street, but this time in a sleek, ironed outfit, and a fresh-out-the-shower scent. You’ve got a reservation at a new restaurant in town, Jiak Kim House.

What was Zouk at Jiak Kim?

 Image credit: @_wolf69_

Ask any millennial or boomer and they probably have sweet memories of Zouk at Jiak Kim. It opened in March 1991 and occupied 3 refurbished warehouses in Jiak Kim Street. Most of us probably have had nights just hopping in between the 4 distinct sections, Zouk, Phuture, Velvet Underground, and the Wine Bar.

It wasn’t long before it became the go-to spot for clubbers in Singapore, housing both international and local DJs. Until 2015, that is, when it was bought over conglomerate Genting Hong Kong. In 2015, Zouk moved to its current premises at Clarke Quay. The warehouse that it used to occupy remained empty, until now. 

Takes over the previous Velvet Underground Lounge

The former Velvet Underground (left) and Jiak Kim House (right).

Image adapted from: Jiak Kim House,

A part of the building has since been renovated to Jiak Kim House, which takes over the former Velvet Underground Lounge. But you almost wouldn’t recognise it anymore. 

This contemporary Asian restaurant looks bougie – we’re talking rattan armchairs, stylish curved sofas, black-and-white tiled flooring, and shophouse-esque windows replace the once fuzzy walls and sofas which used to hold all of our boozy confessions.

But not all of its past is erased. The restaurant pays homage to the historical significance of the area through the various vintage photos of scenes from Singapore River in the past, beautifully hung up on the walls. 

Image credit: Jiak Kim House

Asian-inspired fine-dining & sophisticated cocktails

Now, we know what you might be thinking, “what about the food?” 

3-course lunch set.

Image credit: Jiak Kim House

You won’t find Zouk’s classic bangers and mash here. Instead, Jiak Kim House will serve modern Asian cuisine with menu items like Mdm Lee’s Lotus Leaf Rice & Ayam Taliwang ($38), an Indonesian-inspired dish with turmeric grilled chicken, mum’s rice, acar, and dried scallop sambal. But not before you try appetisers like Tingkat of Memories ($36), a platter with different fusion snacks like chili crab pie tee.

If you work around the area, perhaps go for the 2- or 3-course lunch sets, which cost $52++ and $65++ respectively. These are only available on weekdays from 12pm-3pm. 

Image credit: Jiak Kim House

Unlike Zouk at Jiak Kim days where you’re downing a Flaming Lambhorgini, the dining establishment serves up a more sophisticated cocktail menu. We’re intrigued by Sips of the Silk Road ($26), a whiskey-based drink with ginger liquor and kaffir lime, which pays tribute to the Silk Trade Route; as well as the Junmai Blossom ($26), for those who are more of a sake person. 

Giving a new meaning to a night out on this street

Image credit: Jiak Kim House

TBH, we’re still secretly hoping Zouk Singapore will claim its throne at Jiak Kim Street once again. But we have a feeling that this new spot will bring a whole new era to the iconic building. After all, you can still head on to the club after having a decadent meal at this restaurant. It’s a win-win for everyone. 


Address: 5 Jiak Kim Street, #01 – 16/17, Singapore 169425

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm (Closed on Sundays)

Contact: 98315430 


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