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14 Most Sustainable Restaurants and Bars in Singapore

6. Brewerkz

Since Seow Tzi Qin became the group executive chef of homegrown brewery and restaurant Brewerkzin 2019, he has made it his life’s mission to offer a menu that is better for the planet. He does this by sourcing ingredients locally, where possible; utilising every part of the ingredient; and expanding the selection of plant-based and vegetarian dishes to reduce carbon footprint.

Even discarded items used in beer-making are utilised in the preparation of his signature dishes, such as the 3 Cheese Truffle Foccacina. The foccacina—a hybrid of focaccia and pizza—dough incorporates the brewer’s spent grain (BSG), a byproduct of beer brewing. It is stuffed with truffle gouda, mozzarella cheese and porcini paste, and baked until crusty.

There are also no ‘ugly vegetables’ in Seow’s kitchen, as these are made into tasty dishes like the burratina gazpacho—a cold appetiser of tomato soup, chilled berries and balsamic reduction.

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at Brewerkz (Orchard Rendezvous Hotel) from July 1 to August 31 will be able to order the exclusive sustainable dish, the burratina gazpacho, with a 10 per cent discount*.

8. Café Iguana

Also under the Brewerkz Company is Mexican stalwart Café Iguana, who has revamped its menu under group executive chef Seow Tzi Qin. “It is important to incorporate sustainability every step of the way,” he shares, and that is why his expanded menu makes full use of locally sourced produce and non-aesthetically pleasing vegetables (which are usually discarded by retailers due to their ‘ugly’ look) that can be turned into tasty dishes.

This philosophy is evident in dishes like the Red Snapper Al Pastor 2 Ways, which uses fresh fish from homegrown fish farmer Ah Hua Kelong. This fish is served two ways— first is with a piquant mole verde made with pumpkin seeds, tomatillos, green chilli and cilantro, and the second is with a fiery red chilli sauce concocted with Mexican peppers.

Café Iguana, 30 Merchant Road, 01-03 Riverside Point, S(058282), +65 6236 1275

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at Cafe Iguana (Riverside Point) will be able to order the exclusive sustainable dish, the Gaia Platter, with a 10 per cent discount*.


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