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“Support Local” – Brewerkz Brunch Singapore

Group Executive Chef Seow Tzi Qin does it again with a brand new brunch menu at Brewerkz, one of Singapore’s most well known and loved craft brewery/restaurant serving honest food influenced by a mix of Western and Asian cuisine including the local Singaporean savour fare. This establishment has garnered many awards over the years for it’s gastronomy paired with a stellar range of beers and other beverages as well as friendly service from the well trained staff.

Truffle Eggs Croissan-Wich

Teh Tarik Milkshake

The team at Savour BlackBookAsia Magazine starts with one of our favourite, Truffle Eggs Croissan-Wich. A play with the croissant and sandwich using seasonal white asparagus with sinfully good streaky bacon, mix forest mushrooms, scrambled eggs over celeriac puree and generous drizzle of black truffle reduction. (note that the type of asparagus used is dependant on seasonality). Mix it up with the Teh Tarik Milkshake, concocted using chef Seow Tzi Qin’s memories of his childhood days. The grass jelly at the bottom adds a delightful texture to the thicken teh tarik in the form of a milkshake topped with honey stars. Brilliant idea!

Croffle Eggs Benedict

Peanut Butter Chocolate Factory Milkshake

On the menu is another innovative dish, Croffle Eggs Benedict well matched with the Peanut Butter Chocolate Factory Milkshake. Choosing between a croissant or waffle for your brunch? Why not have both in the ingenious “Croffle” with delectable house-cured pork belly (so good you can eat it on it’s own), classic hollandaise sauce and potato croquettes cooked to a golden brown hue on the side. Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the whimsical Peanut Butter Chocolate Factory Milkshake is a fun drink putting peanut butter and chocolate together in this rich milkshake.

Pull Pork Rye Sourdough

Matcha Latte (left) And Tropicana (right) Milkshakes

Pull Pork Rye Sourdough is highly recommended that consist of apple slaw, jalapenos and the main attraction, tender shreds of pork soaked in tangy BBQ sauce in the middle of two toasted sourdough bread served with a side of curly fries and kale salad with honey mustard vinaigrette. The sourdough bread is made with a recipe that is more suitable to the local palate with a reduction of sourness. Matcha Latte and Tropicana milkshakes brings you back to Japan and Maldives respectively with flavours that reminds us of our travels to these amazing destinations.

Brewer In Action

Brulee French Toast

Sunset Pale Ale (left) & Circuit Breaker New England IPA (right)

The beers are carefully made in house using only the most premium ingredients around, with strict quality controls and most of all with lotsa love, yielding a fine pint for your enjoyment no matter the occasion. A popular choice here is the Circuit Breaker New England IPA, a must for all IPA fans with it’s smooth texture and robust floral hops made using English malts. Sunset Pale Ale balances the sweet Brulee French Toast well with a touch of bitterness. Perfect for consumption at Brewerkz One Fullerton’s outdoor seating with stunning views of Marina Bay. Well done to the kitchen team lead by veteran chef Seow Tzi Qin who promises to elevate the standards in Brewerkz to newer heights and continues to do so. Stay tuned for more delicious articles to come.


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