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An Alumni Success Story : Seow Tzi Qin

Seow Tzi Qin, otherwise known as Chef TQ in the kitchen, may look unassuming with his boy-next-door looks, but he has already built an illustrious career in the restaurant industry and is a Group Executive Chef at the young age of 32.

Chef TQ graduated with a Diploma in Culinary Arts from At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy 9 years ago and today, he manages a total of 4 outlets consisting of 3 Brewerkz outlets and Cafe Iguana as the Group Executive Chef at The Brewerkz Company. No mean feat!

His transition from studying to working professionally was seamless due to the unique study-work pedagogy At-Sunrice espouses! In fact, this was a main drawing factor for him and the reason why he was so convinced in getting a Diploma from At-Sunrice. He felt that the work while studying experience is extremely valuable because it provided something extra beyond just a theoretical culinary education or hands-on education in a learning lab without real-life work experience.

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Chef TQ also credits the diversity At-Sunrice embraces, from the wide range of culinary techniques students will be exposed to in Eastern & Western cuisines and Old and New. Courtesy of At-Sunrice’s work study industrial attachments, Chef TQ has experience with a good mix of East and West from working with tandoori and masala Indian thali at Singapore Airlines, and French entrees at the highly acclaimed Le Saint Julien and Les Amis all while pursuing his Diploma.

His broad range of experience in and out of At-Sunrice has shaped his culinary palate and philosophy. At Brewerkz, Chef TQ ignited a wave of change by elevating the menu with his own unique brand of Asian-European flavours and introducing new fusion dishes such as the Sakura Shrimp Pasta and Cempadak Chendol.

Chef TQ fondly remembers his role model and batch mentor while studying in the At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy – Chef Dean Yassin. Chef Dean played an integral role in his learning and growth as a chef and had a keen eye for identifying the best fit for each candidate in internship sites, based on individual skill sets and personalities.

His parting words of advice:

“For those who are interested, the culinary industry will not disappoint you. And I say this for both male and female aspiring chefs. In this day and age, female chefs hold more than their own against male chefs, while bringing their unique perspectives to the table. The industry is vibrant and exciting because of the diverse personalities within each kitchen. For those looking forward to have a challenging and fulfilling experience, this profession as a chef will give back to you as much as you put in. “

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